Final Videos for Acting for Animators

Final deliverables for Acting for Animation module.

PRESENTATION: Psychological Gestures - Click Here!

# I thought the presentation went well considering I found psychological gestures hard to research and understand. In the end I believe I understood it and was able to explain it to the rest of the class in a simple enough way for them to also understand. The only thing I would have liked to have done is get an explanation from an actor which I did try to do. I know someone who is doing a drama related course and I asked her about it. She didn't recognise Michael Chekov's name but she did recognise the original method Chekov developed his from. She was going to find me some books about it but in the end she could not find them so it turned out to be a bit of a dead end unfortunately.

MIME AUDITION: (Mine is the first mime; 37.)

# After an initial hiccup within the team where a particular member flew well ahead of the rest of the team with no prior discussion or warning (which we discussed and reached an agreement with no problems), I am really happy with the team work and thought we worked really well together. The level of communication was fantastic. We kept each other up to date even if there wasn't much to show and I think it really paid off when it became clear some changes had to be made. I'm incredibly grateful to Rachel and Raff for sharing their knowledge of Maya with me as without them I would have crashed and burned (and so would have Maya).

# Unfortunately I was unable to contribute anything to the modelling and basic scene set up because I can't model in maya and I'm still learning how to use the lighting and cameras (Sorry Guys!). I think the set up Raff made is excellent and I think the later decision to change the colours was the right choice.

# Raff's and the other Rachel's animations are awesome. The constant communication meant that we could always help each other out when we got stuck and could point things out that weren't quite working. This meant we could fix our own work spretty much straight away, no wasted time waiting for replies. All of our work is (I hope) consistant with each other's and work really well together.

# As for my work itself; I think my animation skills have improved which was unexpected while I was learning Maya. There are some things I would do differently. The main thing is perhaps the story. It was challenging to try and mime for the audience to explain a time bomb and animating a full body throwing explosion minus the actual explosion was even more challenging. It just didn't make sense without any actual explosion. I think I rescued it okay but I think it could have been better. I'm not sure how I could have made it better with regards to the time bomb and exploding but I hope I can look back on it one day and figure it out.


# I honestly cannot believe how quickly I managed to do this. There were points where I was worrying whether I was animating TOO fast, was I spending enough time on it and if it looked blatantly rushed. My classmates keep telling me that I've got the timing nailed on this one and it's a massive improvement from the mime (and it's enormously appreciated <3) but I'm at the point where I just can't see it. It's not that I don't believe them but somehow I've managed to convince myself that I've done this too fast and therefore it's not good.

# I'm happy with the result though. The only thing I wish I could change is the story, perhaps not completely but maybe told it a better way. I think I've improved on my timing and general animation process (inital blocking to splines/auto). I noticed Kristian had blocked in the ease ins and outs for his animation so next time I'm going to do just that, as it seems better to block them in than relying on messing about with the curves later.

#  On a sidenote, I have no idea where Grandma's hat has gone. For some reason it refuses to render. It's fine in the viewports in Maya and I've checked all the visibility options but no, it still refuses to render. I think that's ok though, luckily Grandma has hair!

All I hope for is higher marks than the last module, just so I know I'm improving :)

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